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Mobile Network Services:

Bringing over their 10 years experience in the telecom sector, the mobile network members of Eastern Telecom Services can provide a variety of mobile network services, and are able to handle all stages of creating a new GSM site, starting from site survey, site construction, operation and commissioning, and even preventive and corrective maintenance to the network. Taking a closer look at our services in the telecom sector, you can see how we can present a full package of services to put a site in service, and keep it in a perfect situation over the years, working side by side with the operators, and their suppliers and contractors, is our daily work style, to provide results that matching the requests, and more !
  • Mobile Network Consultancy services

    Eastern Telecom Services is ready to provide consultancy services in Mobile telecom sector, from systems designs, System implementation, to operation and maintenance including systems evaluations and feasibility studies.

  • services2 Rollout Management:
    • Strong ability to work on the basis of Turn Key Project.
    • Management of Network roll out.
    • Provide all necessary reports/Statistics as required by the operator.

  • Site survey

    We are able to provide all kind of site survey and assessment from providing Radio candidates, to LOS, Infrastructure, MSCs Room,…

  • Site Construction supervision:

    ETS Qualified Staff has the ability to manage and supervise the Construction of the network, we are able to provide the service for many subcontractors/operator. based on the specification prepared from our part that meets the international standards and approved from our customers. We have to highlight our specialty in MSC and data center designs and preparation.

  • services3 Equipment Installations and commissioning:

    Transmission systems ( MW, Fiber, PDH, SDH, Ethernet,…)
    • 2G Radio Systems( Ericsson, Siemens, Huawei)
    • 3G Radio Systems ( Ericsson, Huawei, Siemens)
    • Wifi Systems

  • Network Operation and maintenance:

    Based on a SLA Eastern Telecom Service will provide professional O&M services for the Mobile Networks: services4
    • Equipment Maintenance : MW, Fiber, BTSs, BSCs, NodeBs,…
    • Network Infrastructure: Power Systems, generators, Equipment Rooms, Air conditions, Grounding , Fire Fighting systems. Surge Arrestors, Towers, Masts,…
    • Core Network Power systems.
    • Cooling System :Split, Precision Air condition systems,…

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Facility Management Services:

ETS Facilities Management team scope is to present the best services to ensure a comfortable work environment for the customer through providing a high quality of service, honesty and Transparency, Reasonable cost, Speed, and Modern Technologies use.
Taking a closer look at our services in the Facilities Maintenance sector: services7
  • General consultations and studies
  • Facilities preventive maintenance
  • Facilities corrective maintenance
  • Building management
  • Monitoring Rooms 24/7
  • Cost Control
  • Electrical Works
  • Mechanical Works
  • Civil Works
  • Decoration Works
  • Cleaning Services
  • Landscaping
  • Professional Safety services
  • Shared facilities management (Meeting rooms, cafeterias, Auditoriums …etc)
  • Catering control services
  • Pest Control
  • Utilities Control
  • Parking Control

Our team is trained and prepared to control all facilities needs in early phases of the project, to be able to advise about best solutions that meets international standards

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Fixed Network Services:

Eastern Telecom Services established its new service of: Installation & Commissioning for Fixed Network Exchanges (EWSD) the service contains the following:

2.Infrastructure preparation (Generators, Raised Floor, power,…).
3.Telecom Equipment Installation.
4.Telecom Equipment Commissioning.
5. Care.

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Radio Planning & Optimization / Transmission Planning:

Provide Radio & Transmission Planning services for new locations, including the preparation of radio documents and all related data.
Provide Radio Optimization service for the network, including drive tests, network analysis and modification actions.


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Site Acquisition

Manage the whole negotiation phase with sites owners or contacts, and finalize the contracts agreement as per the customer terms.services5
Provide approval and permits (Municipality, Governorates, Security, …) allowing site construction in addition to provide the required approvals to install the power meters. Also ETS is able to follow up and get approval from the Minister of telecommunication as per operators needs ( Space, E1s, Power, Towers, antennas,…).



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