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Knowledge and experience are essential to provide state-of-the-art telecommunications services that are capable of adapting to the ever-changing needs of your company, organization or institution. At Eastern Telecom Services, we hire the top professionals and use the best technologies to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions that will stand the test of time. Below some certificates from the well known International equipment vendor:
  • Ericsson WCDMA System Overview
  • Ericsson WCDMA RAN System
  • Ericsson RBS 2000, 2202 and 2206
  • Ericsson APG 40 Systems
  • Ericsson GSM BSS Integration for Operation AXE10 Operation Handling in GSM
  • Ericsson GSM Statistics Introduction & Handling
  • Ericsson OMS12XX O&M/I&C
  • Ericsson : maintain power equipment (rectifier-battery-inverter-generation)
  • Ericsson GSM Advanced System Technique
  • Siemens Radio Planning.
  • Siemens SBS BR 7.0
  • Siemens Introduction to UMTS System
  • Siemens SSS Planning
  • Siemens Operation & Maintenance of EWSD Exchanges
  • Siemens: Power supply maintenance
  • Huawei GSM BSS product on-Site training
  • Huawei RAN Product On-site Training
  • Huawei iManager M2000 Engineer
  • Huawei-Emerson Company: Maintenance for rectifiers.
  • Huawei WCDMA RNO training
  • Huawei U2000
  • Huawei OptiX Microwave RTN 600
  • Huawei OptiX OSN 6800

  • NEC NEO Digital MW Systems.
  • NEC Radio planning for Digital MW
  • NEC U-Node and C-Node
  • Marconi Microwave Communications. PDH & SDH
  • Marconi SDH Multiplex System MS1/4
  • Cisco CCNA
  • Interconnecting Cisco Network Device ICND
  • Kathrein Principles & Use of GSM Antennas & RET Systems
  • Eltek : Installation, Operation and maintenance of Eltek Rectifier ( PRSV, Flatpack,)
  • STULZ Company: Maintenance for air-conditions closed control type.
  • MGE training center: Maintenance for UPS type Galaxy PW 40 KVA
  • APAVE Electrical safety rules
  • Powertronics Company: UPS maintenance.
  • Petra Company: Air conditions installation and maintenance for Telecom sites.

  • Project Management
  • Quality Management System/Implementation & Documentation
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